All Member Annual Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony

The Monday before the SOPHE annual conference in St. Louis is ESG day, meaning we are back: L-I-V-E! COVID hit us hard the past couple of years but we are resilient and strong and back in action. On the positive, COVID did teach us some reality about equity: not all of us can afford to travel to X to partake in X. And so, we are going to Hyflex the ESG meeting and awards sessions; meaning if you’re there in person then come to the session, but if joining from afar we will be able to accommodate by offering online option for participation at no added cost to our members. We’d love to see you (in person, online) in St. Louis!

March 18, 2024 at 1:00-5:00 pm EST
All members are welcome to attend either onsite at the SOPHE conference in St. Louis or via Zoom.

  • ESG Annual Business Meeting
  • National ESG Awards Ceremony
  • ESG/NCHEC Health Educator of the Year Award Ceremony

Learn about what is happening at National and Chapters across the nation, engage with other ESG members, and celebrate our Collegiate Chapter Award winners. 

ESG NCHEC Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Awards Social

March 18, 2024 at 4:30pm EST.
Either onsite at the conference or you invitation where you will receive the Zoom link to attend when you RSVP. 

Eta Sigma Gamma Faculty/Student Sponsor Socials

More details coming soon!

Eta Sigma Gamma Faculty Sponsor Social