The Constitution and By-Laws of Eta Sigma Gamma provide the organization with a sense of order and purpose. The Constitution functions as a set of rules that is used to govern the Board of Directors and its members to elevate the standards, ideals, competence, and ethics of professionally trained health educators. The Constitution provides information on the governance through eight Articles: name, mission and goals, membership, organization and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, publications, implications of deviations for members, deviations of chapters, and the amendment process. Any amendment to the Constitution has to be voted and ratified by the members. The By-Laws provide operational guidelines for the internal affairs of the organization in order to meet the mission and goals of Eta Sigma Gamma. There are nine Articles that govern the way the Board of Directors and members function as well as requirements, roles and responsibilities, assignments, legal guidelines, and conduct of meetings.

Revised and Approved October 2022