2017 Board of Directors at the 50th Anniversary Gala

Jasmine Lollino, MS, CHES®

Director of Membership 2022-24
Work David Lawrence Centers 6075 Bathey Lane Naples FL 34116 United States
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Hi, I’m Jasmine and I am passionate about public health and educating individuals on their own health. As an undergraduate student, I decided to choose a major in public health to deepen my love for health and safety on not only a local level, but a global level as well. I have interests in epidemiology, health education, health promotion, and more. During my time as an undergraduate student, I remained true to my studies and came out incredibly successful. I also immersed myself in worthwhile experiences including an internship with the Florida Department of Health in Lee County. I previously served as a Health Educator with the Florida Department of Health in Collier County, and loved every moment, lesson, and experience I gained within the position. I currently serve as a Prevention Clinician at David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health and have gained great insight and experience within health education, public health, and psychology. My goal in life is to impact individuals through their health, whether it be developing a health education program, inputting data for a large project, or researching the source of a disease. In some way, shape, or form, I will be part of the improvement of public health, tackling the most pressing and underlying societal issues. I will be part of the solution.

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