The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared individuals in Health Education.


Find a Chapter

Eta Sigma Gamma currently has over 85 active chapters all across the US and worldwide. If there is no chapter at your school, talk to your favorite faculty about starting one.





  1. Alpha

    Ball State University

    Muncie, IN

    Christina Jones e-mailTya Arthur e-mail

  2. Beta

    Eastern Kentucky University

    Richmond, KY

    Laurel Schwartz e-mailJulie Lasslo e-mailMolly McKinney e-mail

  3. Gamma

    California State University

    Long Beach, CA

    Philip Falcetti e-mail

  4. Delta

    San Diego State University

    San Diego, CA

    INACTIVE since 2000

  5. Epsilon

    University of Maryland

    College Park, MD

    Tracy Zeeger e-mailSharon Desmond e-mail

  6. Zeta

    Trenton State College

    Trenton, NJ

    INACTIVE since 1987

  7. Eta

    Central Michigan University

    Mount Pleasant, MI

    Jodi Brookins-Fisher e-mail

  8. Theta

    University of Nebraska

    Lincoln, NE

    INACTIVE since 1987

  9. Iota

    University of Toledo

    Toledo, OH

    Timothy Jordan e-mail

  10. Kappa

    State University of New York

    Cortland, NY

    Alan Sofalvi e-mailAlexis Blavos e-mail

  11. Lambda

    Indiana State University

    Terre Haute, IN

    Yasenka Peterson e-mailMatthew Hutchins e-mail

  12. Mu

    Western Kentucky University

    Bowling Green, KY

    INACTIVE since 2010

  13. Nu

    Indiana University

    Bloomington, IN

    Trent Applegate

  14. Xi

    Purdue University

    West Lafayette, IN

    INACTIVE since 2002

  15. Omicron

    Slippery Rock University

    Slippery Rock, PA

    INACTIVE since 2000

  16. Pi

    Western Illinois University

    Macomb, IL

    Amanda Divin e-mail

  17. Rho

    Kent State University

    Kent, OH

    Amanda Burke e-mail

  18. Sigma

    James Madison University

    Harrisonburg, VA

    Theresa M. Enyeart Smith e-mail

  19. Tau

    University of Illinois

    Champaign-Urbana, IL

    INACTIVE since 2009

  20. Upsilon

    Russell Sage College

    Troy, NY

    INACTIVE since 1982

  21. Phi

    University of Northern Colorado

    Greeley, CO

    INACTIVE since 2015

  22. Chi

    The University of Utah

    Salt Lake City, UT

    INACTIVE since 2017

  23. Psi

    Brigham Young University

    Provo, UT

    INACTIVE since 2002

  24. Omega

    Illinois State University

    Normal, IL

    Jackie Lanier e-mailChristy Bazan e-mailAdrian Lyde e-mail

  25. Alpha Alpha

    Southern Illinois University

    Carbondale, IL

    Heather Goelz e-mailRobert McDermott e-mail

  26. Alpha Beta

    Kansas State University

    Manhattan, KS

    INACTIVE since 1976

  27. Alpha Gamma

    University of North Florida

    Jacksonville, FL

    Deborah Owen e-mailVivian Solis e-mail

  28. Alpha Delta

    Florida State University

    Tallahassee, FL

    David Foulk e-mail

  29. Alpha Epsilon

    University of New Mexico

    Albuquerque, NM

    INACTIVE since 1982

  30. Alpha Zeta

    California State University

    Northridge, CA

    Bobbie Emetu e-mail

  31. Alpha Eta

    Texas Tech University

    Lubbock, TX

    INACTIVE since 1996

  32. Alpha Theta

    Aldelphi University

    Garden City, NY

  33. Alpha Iota

    University of Southern Mississippi

    Hattiesburg, MS

    Vickie Blakely Reed e-mail

  34. Alpha Kappa

    University of Central Arkansas

    Conway, AR

    INACTIVE since 1994

  35. Alpha Lambda

    University of Florida

    Gainsville, FL

    Holly Turner Moses e-mail

  36. Alpha Mu

    University of Tennessee

    Knoxville, TN

    INACTIVE since 2010

  37. Alpha Nu

    University of North Carolina

    Greensboro, NC

    Erica Payton e-mail

  38. Alpha Xi

    Penn State University

    University Park, PA

    INACTIVE since 1996

  39. Alpha Omicron

    Temple University

    Philadelphia, PA

    Michelle Scarpulla e-mailCarolyn Parks e-mail

  40. Alpha Pi

    Texas A&M University

    College Station, TX

    Meagan Shipley e-mail

  41. Alpha Rho

    Montclair State University

    Upper Montclair, NJ

    INACTIVE since 2010

  42. Alpha Sigma

    Arizona State University

    Tempe, AZ

    INACTIVE since 1987

  43. Alpha Tau

    Oregon State University

    Corvallis, OR

    INACTIVE since 2001

  44. Alpha Upsilon

    Central Washington University

    Ellensburg, WA

    Tishra Beeson e-mail

  45. Alpha Phi

    Texas Woman's University

    Denton, TX

    Roger Shipley e-mail

  46. Alpha Chi

    St. Francis College

    Brooklyn, NY

    Starr Eaddy e-mail

  47. Alpha Psi

    The Ohio State University

    Columbus, OH

    INACTIVE since 1996

  48. Alpha Omega

    University of Nebraska

    Omaha, NE

    INACTIVE since 2020

  49. Beta Alpha

    University of Minnesota

    Duluth, MN

    INACTIVE since 2015

  50. Beta Beta

    University of South Carolina

    Columbia, SC

    INACTIVE since 1984

  51. Beta Gamma

    Bowling Green State University

    Bowling Green, OH

    INACTIVE since 1989

  52. Beta Delta

    Eastern Michigan University

    Ypsilanti, MI

    Megan Sterling e-mail

  53. Beta Epsilon

    University of Maine

    Farmington, ME

    Katie Callahan e-mail

  54. Beta Zeta

    Towson University

    Towson, MD

    Deitra Wengert e-mail

  55. Beta Eta

    Sam Houston State University

    Huntsville, TX

    Lisa Clarkson e-mail

  56. Beta Theta

    East Carolina University

    Greenville, NC

    Ryan Martin e-mailRose Haddock e-mail

  57. Beta Iota

    East Tennessee State University

    Johnson City, TN

    INACTIVE since 1995

  58. Beta Kappa

    Minnesota State University

    Mankato, MN

    Mary Kramer e-mail

  59. Beta Lambda

    University of Oregon

    Eugene, OR

    INACTIVE since 1988

  60. Beta Mu

    Northeastern University

    Boston, MA

    INACTIVE since 1992

  61. Beta Nu

    Eastern Illinois University

    Charleston, IL

    Lauri DeRuiter-Willems e-mail

  62. Beta Xi

    West Chester University

    West Chester, PA

    INACTIVE since 1999

  63. Beta Omicron

    Worcester State College

    Worcester, MA

    Andrew Piazza e-mail

  64. Beta Pi

    University of Georgia

    Athens, GA

    INACTIVE since 1996

  65. Beta Rho

    Louisiana State University

    Baton Rouge, LA

    INACTIVE since 1987

  66. Beta Sigma

    Wayne State University

    Detroit, USA

    Noel Kulik

  67. Beta Tau

    University of Arkansas

    Fayetteville, AR

    INACTIVE since 2020

  68. Beta Upsilon

    Texas A & M University

    Kingsville, TX

    INACTIVE since 1984

  69. Beta Phi

    University of Wisconsin

    LaCrosse, WI

    Keely Rees e-mailKatie Wagoner e-mail

  70. Beta Chi

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

    Birmingham, AL

    Larrell Wilkinson

  71. Beta Psi

    State University of New York

    Brockport, NY

    Linda F. Balog e-mail

  72. Beta Omega

    New Mexico State University

    Las Cruces, NM

    Joseph Gladstone e-mail

  73. Gamma Alpha

    Western Washington University

    Bellingham, WA

    INACTIVE since 2002

  74. Gamma Beta

    University of Richmond

    Richmond, VA

    INACTIVE since 2001

  75. Gamma Gamma

    Virginia Tech University

    Blacksburg, VA

    INACTIVE since 1996

  76. Gamma Delta

    Southern Illinois University

    Edwardsville, IL

    Alice Ma e-mail

  77. Gamma Epsilon

    Utah State University

    Logan, UT

    INACTIVE since 1995

  78. Gamma Zeta

    Plymouth State University

    Plymouth, NH

    Mardie Burckes-Miller e-mail

  79. Gamma Eta

    University of Cincinnati

    Cincinnati, OH

    Amanda Lynch e-mail

  80. Gamma Theta

    Youngstown State University

    Youngstown, OH

    Keisha T. Robinson e-mailNicolette Powe e-mail

  81. Gamma Iota

    Georgia College & State University

    Milledgeville, GA

    INACTIVE since 2015

  82. Gamma Kappa

    Liberty University

    Lynchburg, VA

    Darlene Martin e-mail

  83. Gamma Lambda

    University of Texas

    El Paso, TX

    Thenral Mangadu e-mail

  84. Gamma Mu

    Western Michigan University

    Kalamazoo, MI

    Amos Aduroga e-mailRobert J. Bensley e-mail

  85. Gamma Nu

    University of Nevada

    Reno, NV

    INACTIVE since 1997

  86. Gamma Xi

    East Stroudsburg University

    Stroudsburg, PA

    Steve Shive e-mail

  87. Gamma Omicron

    Springfield College

    Springfield, MA

    INACTIVE since 2001

  88. Gamma Pi

    Hofstra University

    Hempstead, NY

    Irina Sepulveda e-mailSharon Phillips e-mailMichele Bayley e-mail

  89. Gamma Rho

    Truman State University

    Kirksville, MO

    INACTIVE since 2016

  90. Gamma Sigma

    Appalachian State University

    Boone, NC

    INACTIVE since 1998

  91. Gamma Tau

    University of North Texas

    Denton, TX

    INACTIVE since 2011

  92. Gamma Upsilon

    Georgia Southern University

    Statesboro, GA

    Joanne S. Chopak-Foss e-mail

  93. Gamma Phi

    North Carolina Central University

    Durham, NC

    Seronda Robinson e-mail

  94. Gamma Chi

    Clemson University

    Clemson, SC

    Becky Tugman e-mail

  95. Gamma Psi

    Western Oregon State College

    Manmouth, OR

    INACTIVE since 1998

  96. Gamma Omega

    William Paterson University

    Wayne, NJ

    William Kernan e-mail

  97. Delta Alpha

    Iowa State University

    Ames, IA

    INACTIVE since 2002

  98. Delta Beta

    University of Montana

    Missoula, MT

    Anne Sondag e-mail

  99. Delta Gamma

    Cleveland State University

    Cleveland, OH

    Manuella Crawley e-mail

  100. Delta Delta

    California State University

    San Bernardino, CA

    Nicole Henley e-mailAngie Verissimo e-mail

  101. Delta Epsilon

    Morgan State University

    Baltimore, MD

    Shonta' White e-mail

  102. Delta Zeta

    Coastal Carolina University

    Conway, SC

    Michael Dunn e-mailStephen Firsing e-mail

  103. Delta Eta

    Ohio University

    Athens, OH

    Heather Harmon e-mail

  104. Delta Theta

    State University of New York

    Potsdam, NY

    Brent Crow e-mail

  105. Delta Iota

    Southern Connecticut State University

    New Haven, CT

    Debra Risisky e-mail

  106. Delta Kappa

    University of South Florida

    Tampa, FL

    Anna Armstrong e-mail

  107. Delta Lambda

    Malone University

    Canton, OH

    INACTIVE since 2020

  108. Delta Mu

    Morehead State Univeristy

    Morehead, KY

    Elizabeth Ash e-mail

  109. Delta Nu

    Idaho State University

    Pocatell, ID

    INACTIVE since 2010

  110. Delta Xi

    University of Alabama

    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Jen Nickelson e-mail

  111. Delta Omicron

    Lamar University

    Beaumont, TX

    Barbara Hernandez e-mail

  112. Delta Pi

    Bridgewater State College

    Bridgewater, MA

    Lydia Burak e-mail

  113. Delta Rho

    California State University

    Fullerton, CA

    Laura Chandler e-mail

  114. Delta Sigma

    Keene State College

    Keene, NH

    Rebecca Dunn e-mailAmanda Hickey e-mail

  115. Delta Tau

    Columbus State University

    Columbus, GA

    Rebecca Toland e-mail

  116. Delta Upsilon

    University of Wisconsin

    River Falls, WI

    INACTIVE since 2011

  117. Delta Phi

    University of Michigan

    Flint, MI

    Shan Parker e-mailJohn Sonnega e-mail

  118. Delta Chi

    Texas State University

    San Marcos, TX

    Ron Williams e-mailMary Odum e-mailJeff Housman e-mail

  119. Delta Psi

    Northern Illinois University

    DeKalb, IL

    Andrea Hein e-mail

  120. Delta Omega

    University of Northern Iowa

    Cedar Falls, IA

    Susan Roberts-Dobie e-mail

  121. Epsilon Alpha

    Baylor University

    Waco, TX

    Margo Shanks e-mail

  122. Epsilon Beta

    Rutgers University

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Francesca Maresca e-mail

  123. Epsilon Gamma

    Monmouth University

    West Long Branch, NJ

    Kiameesha Evans e-mail

  124. Epsilon Delta

    University of Saskatchewan

    Sasktatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

    Michael Szafron e-mail

  125. Epsilon Epsilon

    Prairie View A&M University

    Prairie View, TX

    Angela Branch-Vital e-mail

  126. Epsilon Zeta

    Boise State University

    Boise, ID

    Caile Spear e-mailEllen Schafer e-mail

  127. Epsilon Lambda

    York College, The City University of New York

    Jamaica, NY

    David Ajuluchukwu e-mail

  128. Epsilon Eta

    The University of Scranton

    Scranton, PA

    Debra Fetherman e-mail

  129. Epsilon Theta

    Old Dominion University

    Norfolk, VA

    Jim Bellamy e-mailLuisa Lucero e-mailMuge Akpinar-Elci e-mail

  130. Epsilon Iota

    George Mason University

    Fairfax, VA

    Lila Fleming e-mail

  131. Epsilon Mu

    Charleston Southern University

    Charleston, SC

    Christine Palmer e-mail

  132. Epsilon Xi

    Salisbury University


    Brandye Nobiling e-mail

  133. Epsilon Kappa

    University of Central Oklahoma

    Edmond, OK

    Sunshine Cowan e-mailTiffany Wise e-mailLaNita Wright e-mailJamie Dunnigton e-mail

  134. Epsilon Nu

    Epsilon Nu

    Wilmington, NC

    Kerry Whipple e-mail Elisabeth Baynard

  135. Epsilon Pi

    Bradley University

    Peoria, IL

    Teresa Drake e-mail

  136. Epsilon Omicron

    California Baptist University

    Riverside, CA

    Robert LaChausse e-mail

  137. Epsilon Rho

    Otterbein University

    Westerville, OH

    Robert Braun e-mail

  138. Epsilon Sigma

    University of Tampa

    Tampa, FL

    Mary Martinasek e-mailClaudia Aguado Loi e-mail

  139. Epsilon Tau

    Austin Peay State University

    Clarksville, TN

    Kadi Bliss e-mail

  140. Epsilon Upsilon

    SUNY Oswego

    Oswego, NY

    Jessica Harris e-mail

  141. Epsilon Phi

    Miami University

    Miami, OH

    Valerie Ubbes e-mail

  142. Epsilon Chi


    Indianapolis, IN

    Charity Bishop e-mail

  143. Epsilon Psi

    University of Indianapolis

    Indianapolis, IN

    Heidi Hancher-Rauch e-mailCarla Brown e-mail