The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared individuals in Health Education.


Past Presidents of ESG

1Dr. Warren E. Schaller (Founder)1967-1988
2Dr. Robert Synovitz (Founder)1988-1989
3Dr. Richard Eberst1989-1992
4Dr. Steve Dorman1992-1994
5Dr. Kelli McCormack-Brown1994-1997
6Dr. Beverly Mahoney1997-1999
7Dr. Susan Ward1999-2001
8Dr. Malcolm Goldsmith2001-2003
9Dr. Kathleen Conley2003-2005
10Dr. Marianne Fraunkenecht2005-2007
11Ms. Kelly Bishop-Alley2007-2009*
12Dr. Ranjita Misra2009-2011
13Dr. Amy Thompson2011-2013
14Dr. Jodi Brookins-Fisher2013-2015
15Dr. Kelly Wilson2015-2018**
16Dr. Holly Moses2018-2020
17Dr. Keely Rees2020-2022

*Kelly Bishop-Alley resigned in Jan 2009 and Dr. Misra, the Vice President, began her presidency 10 months early

**Kelly Wilson served an extra year to move elections to the fall term and start new positions in the spring.