Zoom Paddles!

We have some great ideas regarding virtual meeting “paddles” for members/chapters to use during the awards ceremony and social events.  Essentially, each chapter could have a social/event where the members of their chapter create paddles to show off and use during the awards ceremony.  There are kits that can be purchased online to create paddles, and lots of DIY options via Pinterest. See examples of some paddles. More examples can be found…

The above examples are to provide ideas… be as creative as you like!  And, how easy to use chopsticks or a popsicle stick as the handle, and plain white paper as the paddle?!  The idea is to jazz up our awards ceremony and facilitate whole-group activity, while allowing chapters to come together and create individual paddles for those members planning to attend the awards ceremony. 

You can download the ESG logo to use on your paddle below, by right clicking and selecting “save image as”.






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