Institutions interested in the formation of a new chapter must submit a formal application as detailed in Article V of the Eta Sigma Gamma Bylaws. The following requirements are keys to a successful petition:

  • A program offering a major in Health Education or a related major that conforms with the national Health Education CompetenciesNote: Only majors and minors in health education related disciplines are eligible for membership.
  • A minimum of 5 petitioning student members who have at least two semesters remaining.
  • A completed proposal that includes:
    • A brief history of the founding, development, and age of the petitioning group
    • Relevant demographic information about each petitioning member as outlined in the bylaws and application
    • An overview of the Institution’s interaction with Honor Societies
    • An overview of the College or University to which the petitioning group is attached, including: courses of study, degrees, faculty, building, property and equipment, age and history of the institution
    • Letters of recommendation from the President and members of the faculty of the institution with reference to the record in scholarship and activities, general moral character and standing on the campus of the petitioning group
    • Other relevant information as called for in the application

It is vital that a Chapter Advisor and Department Chairperson make a serious commitment to supporting the activities and structure of the Honorary. This support comes in the form of providing training and support to officers as well as providing recognition to the honorary, its members and the Chapter Advisor. Special attention should be given to helping the chapter formulate internal documents such as a Constitution and By-Laws, as well as formulating policies related to initiation, finances and submission of National ESG documents.

Application for a New Chapter

For additional questions about eligibility and formation of a chapter please contact Amanda Oney, Director of Chapter Development at ChapDev@EtaSigmaGamma, or Beth McNeill, Chair of New Chapter Committee at New