ESG Advocacy Summit Scholarship

Chapter Awards

Chapter Awards allow the National office to recognize the successes of chapters. There are two categories of awards, competitive activity awards and non-competitive recognition of chapters meeting ESG standards. If a chapter receives a chapter award they are not eligible for an activity award. Each chapter should set goals to apply for at least one award each year.

Student Scholarships and Awards

These awards are to recognize outstanding students in the studies of health education. These scholarships and awards are presented by the National Board at the annual meeting and awards ceremony. Applications are due February 15, 2024 unless otherwise stated.

Individual Awards

These awards are to recognize outstanding individuals in the studies or field of health education. Some are only presented by the National Board while others may also be given by local chapters.


The National Office supports project grants and travel/professional development grants. The purpose of the grants is to provide support to chapters who are engaged in a variety of activities. To be eligible for a grant from the National Office, the chapter must have submitted their annual report with a brief budget overview for the previous academic year and support of the faculty advisor.