The Health Education Monograph


Student Issue

This is a peer reviewed publication of student(s) work with the possibility of having a faculty member(s) as co-author. It is published twice per year and a Guest Editor is chosen from various universities for each issue. The Guest Editor is usually a faculty member in a Department of Health Education or related discipline with affiliation with ESG. The issue is published online toward in the spring and fall of each year.

Item 1: Eligibility

Any undergraduate or graduate student who is a member in good standing of Eta Sigma Gamma can submit a manuscript for consideration depending on the issue theme. Students may submit their manuscripts individually, or multiple students may collaborate on a single manuscript. Chapter sponsors may be listed as last author if appropriate.

Item 2: Manuscript Overview

Empirical research papers (data-based), systematic literature reviews on specific topics, theoretical pieces, case studies about aspects of program planning and/or evaluation, practical perspectives, commentaries and position papers, and other creative papers related to health promotion, health education, and health science are encouraged. Students should consider revising and submitting appropriate papers, which they have written during their professional preparation. Only original manuscripts which have not been accepted or published previously will be considered.

Regular sections include:

  • Research Manuscripts/Comprehensive or Scoping Literature Reviews
  • Pedagogically Speaking: This section is focused on teaching ideas, strategies, etc.
  • What the Stat Do We Know?: Features papers devoted to explaining statistical methods or other data analytical approaches as they relate to health education.

Each manuscript will receive a blind review from at least three reviewers. Selection criteria will include relevance of topic to health education, timeliness, originality, writing style and grammar, content accuracy, clarity, and economy of expression. Based on the results of the review and availability of space, the Monograph will select and publish as many manuscripts as possible.

Item 3: Length

Manuscripts are limited to 10 pages, excluding title pages, abstract page, and APA-style reference list.

Manuscripts must be type-written or printed on white 8.5” x 11” paper and double-spaced throughout, including abstract and reference list, using a 12-point serif typeface (e.g., Times Roman or Courier). Format all page margins at 1.0”. Also, do not justify lines; instead, use the “align left” style and leave the right margin uneven, or ragged.

Item 3: Writing Style

Prepare manuscripts using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition).

Follow the APA style for the preparation of reference citation within the text and the reference list. The reference list at the end of the manuscript must provide complete information about each entry. Also, it must include the sources that specifically support the manuscript. Make sure reference citations within the text and each citation entry in the reference list agree.

Follow APA style for typeface, use of uppercase and lowercase letters, headings, quotations, tables and table titles, and figures and figure citations.

Include two title pages with the manuscript.

  • The first page must include a running head, a manuscript title, full names of all authors, year in school of student authors, institutional affiliation, ESG chapter affiliation, complete mailing addresses and telephone numbers for all authors, and list the name and telephone number of the chapter sponsor. E-mail addresses and fax numbers for all authors should also be included.
  • The second title page should only include the manuscript title.

A 120-word abstract must accompany each manuscript. Prepare abstracts using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition).

Number pages consecutively, beginning with the first title page as page one, followed by the second title page (page two), the abstract (page three), text, references, and visuals. Position page numbers at the top-right of each page.

Item 4: Submission

Eta Sigma Gamma chapter advisor(s) should review the manuscript for grammar, spelling, format and content, and complete the Chapter Advisor Form. Include one copy of the completed Chapter Advisor Form with your submitted manuscript.


Authors are selected and invited. Please contact Dr. Mark Kelley  at Director of Publications if you have any questions.