Regional Case Study Competition

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The NCSCHE Regional competition was held Oct 26-28, 2022.

Case Studies in Public Health Education Practice, Karl L. Larson Ed.
The book everyone has been waiting for is now available. This book contains each of the national competition cases used between 2006 and 2020. For purchasing information visit Proceeds from the sale of the book go to support the competition.

What is the National Case Study Competition in Health Education®?

Every year, NCSCHE® brings together up to 50 teams (30 undergrad and 20 grad) from leading universities to compete in solving a real-life challenge. Three weeks prior to the competition, students and their advisor will be emailed a community-based public health case. Students work independently to develop a resolution to the issue and a presentation for a panel of judges. Teams will have free reign to address the issue as they see fit, but generally they will have to show competence in the Core Competencies for a Health Education Specialist. Students present to a panel of judges, given approximately 15 minutes to present, and then 10 minutes for questions from the panel.

Eta Sigma Gamma has partnered with the National Case Study Competition in Health Education® (NCSCHE®).

You will need the following information to register:

  • Date of Registration
  • School Affiliation
  • Undergraduate or Graduate team
  • Advisor: Name, e-mail, phone, mailing address
  • Participants: Name, email, phone— 3 participant spots for undergraduate teams
  • ESG Chapter affiliation: yes/no, and if yes, which chapter  
  • Payment for registration fee, $80 for ESG Chapters, $100 for non ESG chapter affiliation.
  • Agreement to the following statement: “As a registered participant in the Regional Case Study Competition in Health Education®, we understand that 1) we have committed to participation; failure to complete the competition will result in loss of registration fees and prohibited participation for the next two years, and 2) we will notify the Competition in the case that team participants change.”
  • You will receive the Rules for Participation upon registration.


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You will have the opportunity to apply CHES competencies to the case and do what you’ve been training to do.

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You will gain highly useful skills such as becoming good at team work, problem solving and applying theory to real life cases.

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Companies are constantly looking for people with problem solving skills to combat the challenges that they might face in their market, participating in case competitions will put you on their radar.

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The main takeaway that we hear from previous participants is the amazing experiences. Take part in the events that we plan or the personal encounters with people from all over the United States.



The NCSCHE® regional competition was held October 26-28, 2022.


Regional competition: There is a $100 registration fee for each team. If the team is part of an ESG chapter, the registration fee is $80.

How to register

Registration for the regional competition is now closed.

Please contact us with questions.