Chapter annual reports are due each year to the National Office on June 1st. For 2022-23, the deadline is June 30. Each chapter is responsible for submitting this report which includes information about its members, officers, chapter-sponsored activities, and budget information. Chapters and their members are then eligible for funding from the National Office for various grants and awards. This includes travel grants, project grants and chapter awards and scholarships. Chapter reports aid the local chapter as well as the National Office to be accountable to the principles and guidelines of Eta Sigma Gamma. Additionally, they provide historical data that is useful to those both within and outside of the honorary.

As of 2021, the entire Annual Chapter Report can be submitted electronically to the National Office through the link directly below, and are due by June 30, 2023.

2022-23 Chapter Report Form

Chapter and Activity Awards Quick Guide

Standards and Criteria