Guidelines for Participation in the Regional Competition

Welcome to the Regional Competition of the National Case Study Competition in Health Education®! Below are the guidelines for advisors and teams for the event this year. Please read carefully, and ask questions if something is unclear.

Competition Procedures

Regional Case Study Competition  in Health Education
1302 Rockbend Pkwy St. Peter, MN 56082
  1. The competition will take place Wednesday and Thursday, October 27 and 28, with Friday October 29 th reserved in case of significant enrollment or unforeseen technical difficulty. Teams should be prepared and available to present on ANY of the dates. Teams will be assigned presentation times between 9:00am and 4:00PM in your local time zone. This schedule will
    accompany the case in October.
  2. The Case will be emailed to the advisor 2 weeks prior to the competition. Advisors then distribute the case to the team members. ONLY the participating team members (three CURRENT students) should receive the case from the team advisor. It is not possible for the Competition to make accommodations for the academic calendar of every school in the
    competition, so each school is individually responsible for the case distribution.
  3. Advisors will receive a Zoom Videoconferencing invitation with the e-mailing of the case. This invitation should be forwarded on to each of the students presenting for the competition. Students and advisors should refrain from distributing the code as to avoid unwanted attendance (Zoom-bombing). Without the code found in the invitation, students will not be able to call in to their assigned presentation time.
  4. The case is to be addressed only by the team members. Teams are on their honor to follow this rule. While any and all resources are available to students for reference to the case, no external assistance from classmates, faculty, or advisors is allowed.
  5. This is an oral presentation. Teams wishing to use PowerPoint can do so by using the provided template. No other PPT formats or slideshows will be allowed.
  6. Students should be well versed in their resolution to the case, and should not “read” pre-prepared documents or presentations (i.e. do not present in a classroom and read from a screen). Notes for reference during the talk are acceptable.
  7. Students should be prepared to address the case focusing on the NCHEC Areas of Responsibility for a Certified Health Education Specialist specified in the case. The Judging Criteria document will accompany the case.
  8. Student participants will call in for their presentation using their computer or phone. While it is recommended that students present from a single location as a team, student team members do not technically need to be located together, and could call in from various sites. However, students should ensure they are in an appropriate location to speak, hear, and be heard. Locations with significant background noise may not be appropriate. Teams with participants that lose internet connectivity cannot be rescheduled.
  9. All presentations will be recorded. By registering and participating, students are giving consent to be recorded. Presentations from the top teams in each region will be posted on the event website after the competition.
  10. Each presentation session will be attended by the judges, the students presenting, and a site moderator, for a maximum of 7 people per conference group. In an effort to minimize student anxiety, advisors should not attend the presentation.
  11. Each team will have 15 minutes to present their case resolution. This will be followed by a maximum 10 minute question and answer session from the judges.
  12. Students must use the video/camera function on their device, so they can be seen during the presentation.
  13. All teams will present one time only to the judges.
  14. Presentation of winners will be conducted in an All-Call video conference Friday evening. Details are being determined for that call.
  15. Schools may register as many teams as they wish for the regional competition.

The organizers of the competition are excited that you have chosen to participate in the regional competition. If there are questions or comments related to the competition, please direct them to the Competition email address, Organizers will respond to your inquiry

We look forward to seeing everyone in October.

Karl L. Larson, PhD, MCHES®
Founder and Executive Director, NCSCHE