Project Grants

Project grants provide financial support for individual student members (i.e., undergraduate or graduate students) and chapters to implement student-led health education projects or conduct student research. A funded project should advance the field of health education as well as the enhancement of the health of the community.

The project grants are evaluated using the guidelines posted below. Proposals should provide information from the literature (i.e., peer – reviewed research articles), measurable objectives, budget with a justification and itemized spreadsheet, timeline for the project, and an evaluation plan. For all approved Project Grants, proposals must be submitted before the project begins and a final report and published results are required. 

Authors of funded projects are expected to disseminate their findings in a professional venue (i.e., The Student Monograph, conference proceedings such as the Society for Public Health Education, or a professional conference local to the chapter).


Chapters must have submitted the previous year’s annual report (with the chapter’s budget information) to be eligible for funding. Any current student member of Eta Sigma Gamma is eligible to apply. Grants can be awarded annually to an undergraduate student, a graduate student or a chapter.

Preparation of Proposals

Proposals should be developed with the following proposal format. A copy of the cover sheet should constitute the first page of the proposal. The narrative should constitute the major portion of the proposal and an itemized budget should make up the final section of the proposal. The proposal should be limited to no more than five pages including the cover page and budget.

The proposal should include the following information:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Narrative of proposal
    • Title – problem, issue, thrust of project
    • Review of pertinent literature
    • Project design
    • Project evaluation
    • Justification for the budget (explain the need for the expenses and/or how each item is to be used in the project)
  3. Budget – Itemized list of supplies, materials, equipment/service needed (cost per item and total costs for each item requested)

Submission of the Proposal

Please email your proposal, including the cover page to