Elena M. Sliepcevich Professional Development Award

In cooperation with the Elena M. Sliepcevich Centre for Health Education Studies, located at Southern Illinois University, Eta Sigma Gamma is pleased to offer its student members majoring in school health education the opportunity to apply for a Sliepcevich Professional Development Award. Undergraduate and graduate student members may apply.

One award will be presented annually to an undergraduate, and one to a graduate student who best meet the established criteria.  In addition to a concentration in school health education, applicants’ service and academic records are evaluated. The recipient will work with a mentor on completion of a school health project. This individual receives a cash award, professional recognition, and a certificate at the Annual ESG Meeting.

Widely renowned as a leading health educator in the United States, Dr. Elena M. Sliepcevich directed the national School Health Education Study (SHES) from 1961 to 1972. SHES was the most comprehensive and largest curriculum development project in the history of the profession.

Dr. Sliepcevich was a Professor of Health Education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and the School of Medicine at SIU from 1973 until her retirement in 1992.  Additionally, Dr. Sliepcevich was a prolific writer, visionary, pioneer in development of patient education, recognized for her extensive research, mentor to colleagues and numerous doctoral and Master’s degree students, and recipient of many highly respected national awards.


  1. The award is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. The recipient must be a Health Education major and active student member of Eta Sigma Gamma, currently enrolled in an institution of higher education.
  3. The recipient must have an established record of community service.
  4. The award is non-repeatable, a student may only be awarded one time.
  5. Completion of a school health project that represents furthering the EMS-CHES purpose, supports School Health-related historical research and/or curriculum development based on sound best practices, and that also contributes to the profession through presentation or publication.
  6. University mentor


The undergraduate award is $1000.00; the graduate award is $1500.00. The amount may increase or decrease depending on available funds.


Graduate students must complete the Elena M. Sliepcevich Graduate Application.
Undergraduate students must complete the Elena M. Sliepevich Undergraduate Application.

The applicant must submit the application along with supporting documents on or before the deadline ofNovember 1.

Along with their applications, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • A letter of nomination from the local Eta Sigma Gamma chapter sponsor, the chapter membership, or faculty member who is a member of Eta Sigma Gamma.
  • A cover letter indicating their interest in and qualifications for the award in no more than 250 words that outlines their leadership and service to furthering the goals of Eta Sigma Gamma, as well as professional goals and how they hope to contribute to the field of health education.
  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation (in addition to their letter of nomination) supporting their application.
  • School Health Project description (200 words)


Award recipients will be chosen by the Awards Committee.  The committee will ensure that the recipient meets all the criteria listed above.


Notice of recipient will be made via email to the winner and announced at the annual national meeting of Eta Sigma Gamma.