Activity of the Year Award


Any chapter may submit an activity for consideration as the Advocacy, Research, Service, or Education Activity of the Year. Chapters may submit one activity in each category, but will only be eligible to win one award per year. Chapters submitting more than one activity may prioritize which award category would be their preference in the event that they are a finalist for more than one activity. Any chapter winning the Chapter Excellence, Achievement or Recognition Award will not be eligible for winning any Activity of the Year Awards. Chapters may submit for both Chapter Awards and Individual Activity Awards.


Preference will be given to those activities that meet the following guidelines:

  • Maximum Gamman participation
  • Significance of impact upon target audience
  • Documentation
  • Historical involvement with the activity


The activity must involve at least five Gammans from the chapter. Completion of the Chapter Annual Report will provide the information to apply for this award.

  • A clear description of the activity conducted (include goals/objectives, time frame, target audience, and services provided).
  • The amount and type of planning and preparation conducted prior to the activity (include previous history with the project).
  • Outcome/evaluation (number of people serviced, products produced, and where appropriate, any evaluation measures and research.
  • Documented letters of appreciation and/or validation from the recipients of the activity or from the chapter advisor.
  • Other forms of documentation, including pictures, advertising promotions, cover stories, etc.

It is important that you follow the application and fill in only the information that is requested. Please do not alter the format in any way.


Please complete the Annual Report and Awards document with the corresponding Activity Award page(s) completed and any other supporting documents, all as one pdf., by June 30th to