The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared individuals in Health Education.


Historical Library

The Eta Sigma Gamma Health Education Historical Library was created to preserve historical documents relevant to the field of health education and health promotion.

The 400+ documents are available to students and scholars for research. The library resides at the Department of Physiology and Health Science at Ball State University. Some of the more notable documents include:

  • 1884 edition of Human Body and Its Health, written by W.T. Smith and published by Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, and Company
  • 1884 edition of Hygiene for Young People, a part of the Pathfinder Series that was published by A.S. Barnes and Company.
  • 1900 edition of Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, written by J. Walker and published by Allyn and Bacon.
  • 1907 edition of Alcohol: The Sanction for its Use, written by J. Starke and published by Putnam and Sons.

Interested individuals can contact the Executive Director for an appointment to view the archives or to obtain a list of the library’s contents. Anyone who has documents they believe would be of historical value may donate them to the library. In the past, retired professors, teachers, professionals employed by voluntary and governmental agencies, professional associations, and societies have donated personal and organizational collections. Individuals donating to the library will be given a receipt of the monetary value of the donation for tax purposes. For more information about contributing to the library, please contact our Historian.