The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared individuals in Health Education.

Past Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

Activity of the Year Awards

Teaching Activity Award, Indiana University, Nu Chapter

Service Activity Award, University of Alabama, Delta Xi

Service Activity Award, University of Florida, Alpha Lambda

Advocacy Activity Award, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, Beta Phi

Research Activity Award, University of Cincinnati, Gamma Eta

Chapter Recognition Awards

Chapter Excellence Award, University of Florida, Alpha Lambda

Chapter Excellence Award, University of Cincinnati, Gamma Eta

Chapter Achievement Award, none

Chapter Recognition Award, University of Alabama, Delta Xi

Chapter Recognition Award, Salisbury University, Epsilon Xi

Individual Awards

Founder’s Award, Whitney Thornton, Georgia Southern University, Gamma Upsilon

John P. McGovern, M.D. National Scholarship Award, Brittany Schambow, University of Florida, Alpha Lambda

Loren B. Bensley, Jr. Gamman of the Year Award, Julia Morrison, Salisbury University, Epsilon Xi

Mohammad R. Torabi Best Student Paper, Eric Conrad and Sengdhuan Defibaugh-Chavez, The University of Alabama

Outstanding Chapter Sponsor of the Year Award, Dr. Trent Applegate, Indiana University, Nu

Robert J. Synovitz Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Liliana Rojas-Guyler, University of Cincinnati, Gamma Eta

Honor Award, Dr. Judith K. Luebke, Minnesota State University, Beta Kappa

W.E. Schaller Presidential Citation, Dr. Jodi Brookins-Fisher, Central Michigan University

W.E. Schaller Presidential Citation In Memory of Loren B. Bensley Jr.

W.E. Schaller Presidential Citation In Memory of Mark Temple

Exhibit Table Winners

Alpha Pi, Texas A & M University

Gamma Mu, Western Michigan University – Kalamazoo

2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Awards

Anne Deschamps, SUNY Buffalo State

Richelle Filipello, SUNY Cortland, Kappa

Alex Vaezazizi, San Diego State University

Anita Hodge, Mississippi University for Women

Brianna Konrad, Indiana University

Cailyn Schroeder, Montana State University

Candice Leigh Travis, Fairmont State University

Cassidy Verdi, University of West Florida

Daniel Wickson, Western Connecticut State University

Davon Washington, North Carolina Central University

Erica Lundak, Kennesaw State University

Francheska Elliott, University of North Carolina Greensboro

James Pawlyk, Malone University

Janelle Lawson, Liberty University

Jean Newell, University of North Florida

Jennifer M. Smith, Weber State University

Karlie Kjerstad, Idaho State University

Katherine E. Guzowski, Hofstra University

Kelsie Coates, Utah Valley University

Madison Lind, Western Washington University

Marjorie Hannah Driscoll, University of Kansas

Meaghan Starr, Eastern Kentucky University

Mikaela Becker, University of Alabama

Morgan Drexler, University of Wisconson La Cross

Natalie Brooks, Ohio State University

Nicole Key, University of Cincinnati

Nikki Turnbough, Texas A&M University

Olivia Lada, The University of Scranton

Regina Acciaio, The College at Brockport

Sarah Bernimgham, Illinois State University

Susan Caman, Truman State University

Tanner Barton, Ball State University

Torie M. Keeton, State University of New York at Potsdam

Whitney Holeva , orthern Arizona University

Whitney Pollard, Temple University

Babie Yang, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Bessie Leyble, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Grant N. Thompson, University of Central Oklahoma

Kaila Sharp, Eastern Illinois University, Beta Nu

Kaitlyn Brown, Coastal Carolina University

Lauren St. Pierre, Salisbury University

Lea Lena, University of Florida, Alpha Lambda

Lindsay Logan Allen, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Maria Jose Rosado-Cupul, University of Northern Iowa

Megan Kaiser, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Miranda McDowell, Western Michigan University

Molly Hutchison, Central Michigan University

Shannon K. Weaver, University of Utah

Sumerlin Criswell, University of Central Arkansas

Whitney Thornton, Georgia Southern University

Student Poster Session 2017

Psychometric Support of the School Climate Measure in a Sample of Appalachian Youth – Shay Daily (West Virginia University)

Assessing Disparity in Positive Outcomes among Service-Learning Participants – Eric Conrad (University of Alabama)

Emerging themes to attain lower attrition rates in a web-based intervention – Matthew Moyer (SUNY Cortland)

Bridging the Gap Between Perceptions and Reality: Perceptions of Homelessness vs. National Statistics of Homelessness in a Southeastern Coastal Community – Kerry Dittmeier (Coastal Carolina University)

Health Equity: A case study of patient food insecurity in a Honduran community hospital – Brian Miller (Kent State University)

Speed Dating, Instagram, and Yoga: Lessons Learned Using Innovative Strategies to Promote Healthy Relationships and Self Care Among College Students – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati)

Planning, Communicating, and Using Technology to Develop an Effective ESG Chapter: Lessons Learned from Gamma Eta – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati)

Multidisciplinary Endeavors: Working Together to Support Women Mothering While Experiencing Abuse – Kelly Bentley (University of Maine)

Bringing Campus Representatives Together for Health Education: Lessons Learned from a Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion and Campus-Wide Education for Healthy Eating on a Budget – Amanda Lynch (University of Cincinnati)

ESG Oral Session  2017

Eta Sigma Gamma’s 50th Anniversary: A Reflection on the Past and a Vision of the Future – Alan Sofalvi (SUNY Cortland)

Raising the minimum age of sale on tobacco and tobacco-related products: Recommendations on collaboration and advocacy for Eta Sigma Gamma members and community partners. – Mallory Rinckey (University of Toledo)

Career Pathways for Health Promotion Students: Fitting into the New Health Care Team – Joanna (Jodi) DeMarco (Cleveland State University)

Utilizing Cultural Plunges to Prepare Pre-Service Teachers for Diversity in School and Classroom Settings – Meagan Shipley (Texas A&M University)

2017 Inaugural Fellows

Amos Aduroja

Denise Amschler

Trent Applegate

Loren B. Bensley

Bill Bock

Jodi Brookins-Fisher

Jeff Clark

Kathleen Conley

Randy Cottrell

Carolyn Cox

Steve Dorman

Rick Eberst

Marianne Fraunkenecht

Herb Jones

Judith Luebke

Beverly Mahoney

Kelli McCormack-Brown

James McKenzie

Beth McNeill

Ranjita Misra

Holly Moses

Irene O’Boyle

Roberta Ogletree

Sheila Patterson

Morgan Pigg, Jr.

Keely Rees

Barbara Rienzo

Lili Rojas-Guyler

Denise Seabert

Warren Schaller

Debra Sutton

Robert Synovitz

Amy Thompson

Mohammad Torabi

Susan Ward

Kelly Wilson

Joseph Visker

2016 Award Winners

Activity of the Year Awards

Teaching Activity Award, Gamma Eta (University of Cincinnati)

Service Activity Award, Alpha Lambda (University of Florida)

Service Activity Award, Delta Xi (University of Alabama)

Advocacy Activity Award, Beta Phi chapter (University of Wisconsin La Crosse)

Research Activity Award, NONE

Chapter Recognition Awards

Chapter Excellence Award, Alpha Lambda (University of Florida)

Chapter Achievement Award, Gamma Eta (University of Cincinnati)

Chapter Recognition Award, Delta Xi (University of Alabama)

Individual Awards

Founder’s Award, Tiffany Sleek (University of Florida)

Gamman of the Year, Sarah Chaffee (University of Alabama)

Honor Award, SOPHE (2016)

John P. McGovern, M.D. National Scholarship Award, Sarah E. Pember (University of Alabama)

Outstanding Chapter Sponsor of the Year Award, Dr. Jen Nickelson (University of Alabama)

Robert J. Synovitz Distinguished Service Award, Debra L. Sutton, Ph.D. (James Madison University)

W.E. Schaller Presidential Citation, Irene O’Boyle, Ph.D., MCHES (Central Michigan University)

Mohammad R. Torabi Best Student Paper, Cedric Harville II (University of Florida)

Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Awards

Rachel Benn, Illinois State University

McKenna Bireley, Ball State University

Danielle Bolling, Indiana University – Bloomington

Tamara Boulter, The College at Brockport-SUNY

Jasmine S. Corsetti, Idaho State University

Carissa Crews,   University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Theresa Janice Curington, North Carolina Central University

Lindsey Day, University of Scranton

Amber Dellich, University of Florida

Bianca Derrick, Hofstra University

Shelby Dragoo, Texas A&M University

Amy Ford, Malone University

Sara A. Gardner, SUNY Buffalo State

Danielle Gilmore, University of Central Oklahoma

Corinne Goodall, Southern IL University, Edwardsville

Kari Rose Gottfried, Liberty University

Summer Grounds, Boise State University

Whitney Huston, University of North Florida

Jorie Ann Lima, Western Illinois University

Jaclyn Mancos, Central Michigan University

Pa Houa Moua, Minnesota State University

Dominica Norris, University of North Carolina

Briana O’Shaughnessy, SUNY – Cortland

Courtney Shows, University of Alabama

Sheridan Stanley, University of North Carolina – Wilmington

Bethany Starry, University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse

Sonali Thapa, Towson University

Michael Brackett, University of Cincinnati

Student Poster Session

Sleep and Stress Among Undergraduates: Are There Differences by Gender, Age, or Race? – Victoria Lambert (Coastal Carolina University)

Effect of a mental health and a financial wellness intervention on level of self-determination and financial capability of youth and young adults with disabilities – Emma Staecker (Truman State University)

Polio Eradication in Nigeria: Lessons for the Global Polio Eradication Program and other Vaccination Programs – Teminijesu Ige (University of Cincinnati)

Combining Testimonials, Student Organizations, and Campus Resources to Stomp Out the Stigma of Mental Illness: A Panel Program Evaluation – Liliana Rojas-Guyler (University of Cincinnati)

ESG Oral Session

Invest Your Time with ESG and Invest in Your Future – Jodi Brookins-Fisher (Central Michigan University)

Leadership Opportunities for the Chapter Sponsor:  Preparing Future Health Educators through Eta Sigma Gamma Membership – Jodi Brookins-Fisher (Central Michigan University)

The Importance of Cultural Competence in Pre-Professional Health Programs – Joanna DeMarco (Cleveland State University)

Raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco related products: Recommendations for collaboration and advocacy for ESG and SOPHE Chapters. – Amy Thompson (University of Toledo)