Ruth Lilly Girl Scout Overnight

This overnight health education event targeted at risk girls ranging from ages 8-12 years old. Lessons on nutrition, exercise, first aid, and healthy relationships helped to convey important tips for living a healthy life in all the areas of health. Approximately 50 girls attended with twelve educators from ESG. Two meals and one evening snack were provided. The event was located at the Ruth Lilly Health Education Center in Indianapolis, IN. This event was free to all attendees and planning began in late November and continued until the event on March 13-14.

Stress Relieving Health Promotion Event

Epsilon Alpha

Members set up a health education table in the lobby of the student union building, a highly trafficked area on campus. The table contained educational pamphlets on stress and stress relieving techniques.

Family History Research Project

Alpha Pi

A graduate student member organized a series of workshops on the research process resulting in a survey to assess family history in relation to chronic disease.

Adopt a family


The event required participation from both members and students in the department. Money was collected from students, faculty and staff in the department to raise money for “Adopt a Family.” They chapter raised $2,000 and adopted 4 families in need during the holidays. Two of the families were Hurricane Katrina victims who relocated to our area and two families were local. Members collected money, identified the families needs, purchased the food and gifts, and wrapped and delivered them to each family.