The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared individuals in Health Education.


Call for Exhibit Table Poster Entries

Call for Exhibit Table Poster Entries

Would your students like to represent your chapter at our exhibit table during the 2020 SOPHE annual meeting? The meeting will be held in Atlanta, Georgia from March 17-20, 2020.

The FACES of ESG are its chapters . . . We would like any chapter who is planning on attending SOPHE to create a proposal and an example display highlighting your chapter such as events, accomplishments, publications, initiations,pictures, etc. A committee will review the proposals and your chapter’s display could be chosen.  You will be awarded with a portion of our display and an opportunity to represent your chapter and school during exhibition hours.  What better way for others to learn about ESG than to hear from our very own chapter members?  The two chapters that exemplify ESG’s mission statement with spirit, heart and professionalism will be chosen to join the national office at the exhibit table.

We know you are out there doing great things for health education and would like you to have the opportunity to showcase what you are doing at this event!

Proposals due: March 1st

Requirements for Proposal:

·        Chapter Name and University

·        Name and contact information (phone#, email, mailing address) of faculty sponsor and at least two chapter officers

·        Create a display (H 34″ x W 22″) that can be used for the exhibition table – the winning chapter will be required to bring this to the conference

·        One page written proposal detailing the display and the projects and goals of the chapter

Submit digitally to:  Julie Soules, ESG Executive Director, NationalOffice@EtaSigmaGamma.org