Monmouth University’s Eta Sigma Gamma Chapter Promotes Healthy Body Image and Quitting Smoking

Epsilon Gamma

At Monmouth University our chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma believes in promoting physical and mental wellness throughout the campus. Some of our big events include “Change the Conversation Week” and “The Great American Smoke-out”. During Change the Conversation Week a series of events, such a speakers and exercise classes, are held on the campus. The goal of the week is to promote healthy body image, and keep the campus free of negative talk about self-image. ESG’s role during this week is to promote the events and encourage all students to participate. Additionally, our members gathered and compiled research on eating disorders and distributed it to students throughout the Monmouth University campus. Our members encouraged students to steer-away from negative image, and to accept available help if suffering from and eating disorder and/or body dysmorphia. The “Great American Smoke-out” was also run by ESG this year. Our members set up an area in the student center and decorated it with posters and research on the affects of smoking cigarettes. Pamphlets about the damage that smoking does to the body, as well as pamphlets, flyers, and books on how to quit smoking were given to students. A carbon monoxide detector was used to test smoking students’ lungs. Our members set up “quitting buddies” to keep smokers who wanted to quit accountable to each other. Additionally, prizes were given to students who gave up their packs of cigarettes.