The mission of the honorary is promotion of the discipline by elevating the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally prepared men and women in Health Education.

2011 ESG Conference

2011 ESG Conference

The annual ESG Conference in 2011 was hosted in Galt House Hotel Louisville, Kentucky on October 13-14, in association with the American School Health Association.  The ESG board of directors met on Thursday to discuss the strategic planning activities.  The ESG events on Friday included oral presentations on Research, teaching, and service projects by chapters that won the  excellence and activity awards, ESG poster session, and afternoon oral sessions on health leadership, webinars on health education and improving community connection for youth. 

We also honored Drs. Michael Kelly, Susan Telljohann, and Julie Merten as well as Julie Bolinger, Sally Moody, and Alicia Hanke for individual student awards for their accomplishments and services to our field. The W.E. Schaller Presidential Citation was awarded to Dr. Marianne Frauenknecht for her contributions to Eta Sigma Gamma. The ESG social event comprised of food, fun, and T-shirt exchange, and was well attended.

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